Dance Mania : Dancing for years!!!! 

About me

Im an 11 year old girl that loves dance! I have always dreamed of dancing with Youtube sensation ceceluvsdance4. One day i dream of having my own professional dance studio. I want to choreograph for people like Zendaya and Bella Thorne.


Ceceluvsdance4 is one of my many inspirations in life. She inspired me to want to be a young and achievable dancer.     

watch some of her vids. I suggest 'me dancing to TTYLXOX: tutorial.

My youtube channel

My youtube channel is called RandomGirlies11x. I share it with my friend Katie. I have yet to publish any dance tutorials but dont worry they'll be there eventually.

What i do?

at the moment im tring to get into a professional dance school. I have been going to dance lessons,dance shows,festivals ect. for a long time but i think im ready for something more...

5 st george ave,stanground, peterborough, england | 01733 688256

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